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Fractal watercolor painting

Fractal watercolor painting

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Geometric abstract watercolor with illusion of standing at the base of tall buildings or mirrored forest, or looking down a well.

Wall art from Abstracts Collection for your home living room, bedroom or office

Unframed home décor art prints on 5x7 and 8x10 high quality card stock

Original watercolor painting on 100% cotton paper

Limited edition museum quality print on 11x16 archival watercolor paper

Original artwork dimensions: 11"x16"

Framed original painting 19"x 24" is pre-wired for immediate hanging on your wall

Artist Statement: I've always been fascinated by looking up at a tall building whilst standing at its base. Perspective really does interesting things. Looking at the reverse dizzying height makes me feel so small. But it's also awe inspiring. This painting makes me remember that feeling.


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Sandra Parker

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