I paint portraits of people or animals, landscapes, architecture, fantasy, abstract, plants, star-scapes, still life and will consider any commission request, but reserve the right to decline if the material is objectionable or does not fit my art style. 

I will be happy to paint from reference photos if given at least one quality reference photo, though more images will improve the final painting. Any photos must be free of copyright restrictions and/or owned/taken personally by the commission requestor.

I can also draw an image if given a written concept description. Such concept drawings will be quoted for a fee and after produced and purchased, can be selected as a reference for a painting commission.

Before I will start any work, I require a signed contract with agreed upon terms clearly defined, including 50% payment up front, which is non-refundable. 

Also, please be aware that transparent watercolor painting is not easily changed, so while revision requests will be considered, the ability to change a painting is quite limited and many changes are simply impossible.

If you would like to request a commission, please fill out a contact form by clicking here to begin.