Theo Kingsberry Portrait Commission - first half payment

Theo Kingsberry Portrait Commission - first half payment

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Sandra Parker Watercolor Art

Commission Agreement

Date: March 30, 2023


On this day Sandra Parker (“Artist”), agrees to produce commissioned artwork as detailed in this document for Theo Kingsberry (“Customer”), at the price of $3,600.00 U.S. Dollars.

Artist Information

Sandra Parker, Sandra Parker Watercolor Art

Address: 7739 E Broadway Blvd #289, Tucson, AZ 85710


Phone: 520-298-2113

Customer Information

First and Last Name: Theo Kingsberry


Phone: 218-382-6877

Artwork Specifications

Artwork will satisfy the following requests of Customer:

  1. One watercolor painting portrait of two figures as shown on the reference photo below.
  2. One drawn portrait of two figures as shown on the reference photo below.

Theo Kingsberry portrait reference photo


  1. Watercolor painting on cotton paper
  2. Graphite pencil or charcoal Drawing on acid-free paper

Dimensions or Shape

  1. Watercolor painting portrait: 20 inches high and 14 inches wide
  2. Drawing portrait: 16 inches high and 12 inches wide


Artwork(s) will not be framed.

Special color preferences for background or other content:

  1. Within the confines of watercolor paint color availability, color will be matched to the reference photograph as closely as possible. However, Artist reserves the right to adjust colors to achieve the best outcome.
  2. Drawing will be gray scale (“black”) on white.

Digital file(s)

Fine art quality digital scanned files of the finished product can be made available for an additional $75.00 per artwork.

A digital scan of the artwork can be requested by Customer via email sent to

Please note that once the final artwork(s) have been shipped/delivered, digital scans can no longer be done.


  1. Watercolor painting portrait price: $3,000.00 plus any applicable taxes.
  2. Drawing portrait price: $600.00 plus any applicable taxes.

Total Price: $3,600.00 plus any applicable taxes.

Deposit Required before work will begin: $1,800.00 plus any applicable taxes.

Remainder Due at completion: $1,800.00 plus any applicable taxes.

Payment(s) will be processed as product purchase(s) through a link via Sandra Parker Watercolor Art online store’s payment methods available at

Additional fees as outlined in this commission agreement, if any, will be made available by Artist as purchasable products on Said fees plus any applicable taxes will be paid by Customer prior to commencement of work outlined by said purchases.


Artist intends to complete this artwork by May 20, 2023 *

*Late Delivery - ALL attempts will be made to complete the artwork by the above-listed date but in the case of unforeseen circumstances, Customer will be notified via email of any delays within 72 hours of the due date or as soon as a delay is caused. Customer will be refunded 20% of the price if it is not delivered on time and refunded IN FULL if it is not completed within thirty (30) days of the originally promised due date. In both cases, Customer will still receive any completed artwork. This disclaimer only exists for extreme circumstances, artwork is nearly always delivered on time.

Reference Photo(s)

Quality reference photos make a significant difference in the end product of portraits. It also helps to have multiple reference photos for the best capture.

Customer confirms that reference photos are of the best quality available, well-lit and without significant obstruction such as graininess or blurred images.

If the supplied photos do not meet these qualifications, then Customer will be notified and understands that it may heavily impact the success of the artwork as far as recognizability and realism.


No alterations/changes requested from the reference photo(s) have been requested.

Artist reserves the right to modify the composition and color to enhance and improve the final artwork(s).

Right of Refusal

Customer retains the right to not purchase commissioned artwork at any time. Please note that any money already paid before refusal will not be refunded to Customer under these circumstances. This statement relieves Artist of being indebted to Customer if this occurs.

Artist retains the right to refuse Revision requests made by Customer.

Upon Completion

Upon completion, Artist will supply images of the completed work for approval. If Customer has not paid in full then the images will be heavily watermarked. These watermarks will not obstruct the view of the artwork so much that Customer will not be able to determine approval.


Customer satisfaction is of utmost importance but there ARE limits to what will be altered at the request of Customer.

Revisions must be requested via email sent to Any other request medium or contact method will not be considered as a valid request.

Artist will only make revisions that are within the confines of existing style and that do not clash with the mission or vision of Artist. The intent is to remain true to business purpose and brand.

One (1) round of revisions are offered free of charge. After that, a flat rate of $200.00 per revision will be charged, with a maximum of three (3) revisions.

Customer will be notified via email of a new completion date at the request of any revisions.*

*Late Delivery clause will use any new completion dates established by Revision requests.


Artist retains all copyrights to artwork(s) produced as a result of this commission agreement.

This means that Customer has permission to share the work publicly and use it on display for private use but any reproduction of the work, especially reproductions that will be used for profit or commercial uses, is strictly prohibited unless approved by Artist in writing. Failing to do so is a crime and may result in legal action.


The artworks of this commission have not been approved for any kind of reproduction.

Sharing of Artwork(s)

Social media sharing and other public sharing of artwork are vital for marketing purposes of Artist. This includes, but is not limited to, artwork potentially being displayed on Artist’s Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, YouTube, website, studio, brochures, web and print advertisements and business documents.

Customer consents to completed artwork(s), as well as reference photos, being used for these purposes.

Public Image Sharing Hold Request

Artist agrees to place a hold on the sharing of artwork if that is necessary for the plans of Customer, such as birthday gifts, anniversary gifts, usage for an event etc.

Customer has not identified any dates/times that they prefer sharing of the artwork be held, but can request such a hold via email sent to

Hold requests must have a defined end date no greater than 6 months after the first payment for this commission agreement is made.

Public Image Sharing

When sharing work publicly, Customer agrees to give Artist credit though clear and visible labeling, tagging or verbal acknowledgement. If sharing multiple times in one place, one initial credit is sufficient for remaining displays.

For example, if Customer posts the artwork on Facebook multiple times, it is only necessary to tag Artist once in the first instance. However, subsequent tags are appreciated!

Delivery of Physical Art

For physical artworks, delivery will be provided to the Tucson, Arizona area free of charge.

Delivery outside of Tucson, Arizona but within 130 miles of Tucson, Arizona may be provided at an agreed upon delivery price communicated via email to

Anywhere outside of Artist’s driving area will require shipping to be paid by Customer. This may be as much of $250.00 depending on the size and weight of the artwork and shipping method chosen, though standard methods are typically less.

Shipping options will be detailed when final payment is rendered via

If artwork is shipped, please note that Artist is not responsible for any possible damage during shipment. Artist will pack artwork with the finest packing materials for fragile work and label the package as fragile, but does not guarantee damage free delivery. Shipping Insurance can be purchased by Customer by choosing an insured shipping method at the time of second payment.

Applicable Delivery Fee, Shipping Fee or Shipping Insurance Cost will be calculated based on Customer’s shipping choice made at checkout via Sandra Parker Watercolor Art online store available at

Delivery of Digital Art or Scanned Images

If applicable, files will be uploaded to a Google Drive folder and a link will be emailed to Customer for access to this folder. Artist will leave the Google Drive folder available for 2 weeks after completion, unless otherwise requested, so it is vital that Customer downloads the files as soon as possible.

If Customer requires the files be made available again, Artist may require a $20 fee. Rendering, downloading and uploading may be required again which takes significant time and storage fees may apply for the Google Drive access. This fee can be avoided if Customer requests via email to that Artist hold removing the folder for a limited time.


By paying the first half of payment via a purchasable product on, Customer agrees to terms of this contract, and thus said purchase carries the same weight as a binding contract that includes Customer’s signature.

By making the first half payment available for purchase via, Artist agrees to terms of this contract, and thus said purchase carries the same weight as a binding contract that includes Artist’s signature.

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